Mantra - Introduction & Benefits

Mantras were originally conceived in the Vedas, India’s oldest and most revered spiritual text. The word "mantra" is derived from two Sanskrit words, "manas" which means “mind” and "trai" which means “to free from”. So the word “mantra” literally implies “to free from the mind".

Research has proved that Mantras when chanted properly with devotion and faith evokes the production and spreading of curative chemicals in the brain and thereby creating Neuro-linguistic and Psycholinguistic effects in the body. Mantras bring in therapeutic benefits and curative effect and can lower blood pressure, cholesterol level, adrenalin level and even normalize heart beat rate. Mantras can remove negativities like fear, anger, jealousy etc and bring in positives like improved concentration and memory power, control over emotions, improved blood circulation and also activate our body’s natural healing processes. Mantra Chanting therefore brings in a calming effect on our Nervous System helping us to relax and be stress free. Mantras can be used to awaken the Kundalini and stimulate the Chakras.

Mantras are energy-based sounds which can be of great help when doing meditation. Mantra meditation, these days, have gained great popularity as a relaxation technique and stress buster.Om is the symbol for the whole universe. It carries three basic sounds: A-U-M. These three basic sounds through which all the sounds have evolved.
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